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  1. could you please add murder mystery and contact to the list of quests
  2. I just got it a few days ago guys its great did every quest i needed done flawlessly its worth the price
  3. doesn't work im trying to craft amulets but doesn't do anything it will open my bank withdraw the items and thats it wont exit the bank screen and when i have the inventory on me i start it and it sits there please fix it or refund me i only bought the script to craft amulets
  4. can i get trial please love ur scripts
  5. it was on regular client and sorry but the logger wont let me copy not sure how to do it
  6. im using it at clan wars worked fine for the first 1000 planks but now it goes on the balloon and after it gets off by sawmill it just over rotates camera and just stands there
  7. yes thats what it says when you buy it
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