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  1. Very nice account! I would value it far above 400m!
  2. Would say 100-120m. Btw, you need 176 qp for b gloves, not 161 (as you already have dragon gloves).

    Perfect Thiever

    After OSRS update it won't take out Dodgy necklaces from bank anymore.
  4. What the hell did you do to get perm banned bro. With an account like that you 99% of the time first get a 2 day ban.
  5. Shouldn't be much of a problem. I was more talking about people botting non-combat skills or moneymaking.
  6. I'm going to keep this topic short, because there's not much to it. I've had over 10 mains, with 1000-1500 total (some even reaching 2000). All of them 90% botted, with some legit grinds. But eventually all of them get banned. Usually first a 2 day ban, and 2 months later the perm ban arrives. Now that's just how I play. Currently I have a 1950 total account, with some really nice stats. But what I've realised it that you can not play legit and bot at the same time. So let's say, you play 4-5 hours legit, and bot another 3-4 hours. You WILL be flagged, because of your playtime. If you play for 30+ hours a week, and only botted 3 hours of them, Jagex will hunt you. Pro tip: Either bot or play legit, do not do both. Either bot a few hours a day, or play a few hours yourself. But NEVER play a few hours legit, and then bot a few hours. Please do not post anything regarding me wasting those account, that's my choice.
  7. So basically you fill in this form: https://support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new?ticket_form_id=177105 That's all there is to it, no other secret way to get unbanned. Irrelevant service.
  8. Hate to break the news, but you'll still get attacked bro.
  9. Keep in mind that if you're farming an item that isn't sold a lot on the markt, the price will crash. 500K an hour on fresh level 3's is definetely worth farming
  10. Careful, wouldn't trade this person. Very sketchy English and won't even show the 100M. This seems like a scam.
  11. Paying in PayPal, preferably in Euro's because of fees. Leave your discord.
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