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  1. Hey guys, need someone to do waterfall quest on 3 x lvl 3 accounts. Price & ETA EDIT: will be supplied with a bond and some cash (for supplies only)
  2. Waterfall quest on fresh lvl3s, how much would it cost?
  3. 86 magic and 70 melee stats 51 agility 43+ prayer
  4. Hey, need someone to do the regicide questline on two accounts. Price & ETA?
  5. I use PROXY6 ? Maybe they have what you want.
  6. True but this account is probably for someone that fights with magic only. Maybe ill train ranged in the future, thanks!
  7. Hmmm interesting, seems too low tbh ? But thanks for the input
  8. https://gyazo.com/0951ba1f8982196f92659341d59e5c7c Has avas and regicide completed. Worth? ?
  9. Need someone to do regicide questline (Regicide, Underground Pass, Biohazard and Plague City) with 51 agility. Price and ETA?
  10. Lol what are you even saying? Every account that's for sale you can make yourself but some people just don't want to waste time. Your comment is irrelevant to my question, simply asked for a pricecheck.
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