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  1. A small victory, it seems the pleebians have moved onto discord
  2. No longer a chat on the fourms? dang my once a year check was flawed with a ten minute wait time for discord
  3. so useful for you? This is how i first seen him, was looking up arguments against feminism. He shut her down to the point to where she started agreeing with him. I laughed but im pretty sure he does a lot for free
  4. Jordan Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.gimme your thoughts on the guy?
  5. I havent been pmed by anyone? Im pretty confused?
  6. its only on the first bet and if you bet E/W its only £10 refund
  7. 0.76$ PayPal hmu on discord if interested Chris#8477
  8. Hannibal_


    couple of them arent too bad imo better than relentless
  9. Hannibal_


    rockstar is still 99p
  10. i mean your supplies; this doesnt take long at all?
  11. hey dude; anything in particular you fancy?
  12. Autowin has been updated because of offers; Current offer in the edit
  13. two offers for autowin; wonder if anyone wants to offer more
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