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  1. Welcome to the game mate! Hope you have a pleasant experience
  2. Definitely not bad! My run lasted around 280 hours. XP gain proggy was beautiful Didn't grab a SS though as account was breaking during the update Coincidentally also a Stealth script on mirror mode.
  3. Staring at my bot doing stuff while trying to convince myself I'm saving time by botting
  4. I responded to your PM with more details, but yes. That is pretty much it. In theory they shouldn't quash bans for apologizing, but more often than not, they do
  5. I'd say 90-100m with good reputation.
  6. "Early game content" satisfied with a couple 99's For real, its always worth appealing the ban. Even if you plan on playing legit, appealing a ban takes 30 seconds and could release you of a whole lot of trouble later on. Just do it
  7. The loss of your account seems like a minimum for scamming in my opinion. If all you lose is access to the market, then most of the playerbase which never planned to use the marketplace has virtually no setback/punishment for scamming
  8. Phoenix

    Bot busted ban

    Bans can be delayed, or instant. If it was a manual ban, then I assume it would be instant. I dont think you will get a new ban after your current punishment. Actually, I had that happen to me once, and the second (Permanent) ban was removed shortly after. It was seemingly a mistake or an accident.
  9. Are we celebrating the 3-year-anniversary for this post? Whats going on?
  10. The "unappealable" branding has proven to be meaningless in my experience. I've gotten many unappealable bans quashed.
  11. Glad you got it sorted out, and also posted the fix for others in the future Which java version did you end up using?
  12. I was refferring to the actual AHK forums AHK.com Ask for help subforum If you're interested in learning AHK yourself, check out the tutorial documents below https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/Tutorial.htm I've experienced the AHK forums to be quite helpful with things like this.
  13. Hey there Khal, may I also have a trial?
  14. Perhaps the AHK forums would be better for this Either way sounds pretty easy to accomplish.. Try writing it yourself?
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