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  1. Hi, how do i get my hands on a copy of the birdhouse script? :)

    1. xWizardx
    2. HenryBeck123


      Also looking to purchase your Birdhouse-Sleep-Repeat bot mate, or a free trial :)


  2. I hope you're alright fren :feels:

  3. Yeah, I've had this happen too. Unfortunately, it's hard to stop the script from misclicking due to lag or something and the white lily is so damn big lol. I think I might add a feature for flowers so that it brings seeds and only plants them if the flower is missing, but does not actually harvest them.
  4. of course, but make sure to unlock Fossil Island tele and also the Mushroom Meadow and Verdant Valley Mushroom teleports. Also you can buy ruby enchant tabs from GE and make digsite pendants without 48 magic
  5. Gave you a 48h trial. It uses runes atm but a lot more transportation methods will eventually be added. Also, the GUI tells you exactly which items you need. Please also read the option explanations on the first page before you run the script.
  6. Updated Top 5 btw (sorted by Hunter XP) Holy shit dab, no wonder you got 2 farm pets. 9m hunter & 7m farming exp in two weeks lol
  7. @dabswax I think I figured out what to do with my high hunter level accounts... Working on a little Herbiboar script atm. I will let you test it out when it is further along. But I have a feeling it will also have a non-existent ban rate since it has never been botted.
  8. Thanks so much man, but I REALLY REALLY recommend investing in mirror mode. Especially if it is a main type account that you care about. I have 8 accounts on mirror mode now close to 90 hunter and have never been banned. At one point I accidentally opened an injection client (I literally never use injection) and the account that was botting on that client was banned the same day. All of the others were fine. I don't know if it's because they have some sort of flag on me that is only detectable in injection, but I always get banned when I use injection within a few days. Even wh
  9. Sorry man, this is a really busy time in the car world, all the 2020 models are getting released to media people and they send us out to locations as soon as someone has a little issue. I think all of my loyalists know that I am very thorough with my responses when I am back. Basically been devoting most of my weekends to working on bots. Also been giving people long trials to other bots if I didn't respond to their issue within a few days.
  10. Sorry for being MIA again for the week lol. Work has been really demanding lately. This is a mirror client issue. It happens to me too sometimes. You have to restart the client just like the Out of Memory error. Wish mirror mode ran flawlessly, but I've had a lot of random things happen. Sometimes the client will be messed up from the moment you open it & without any error messages at all (it can't identify objects etc). Basically anytime some weird behavior is happening that you haven't seen before, try restarting the client.
  11. Yes, definitely will be adding this. Trying to take it slow though and make sure every addition works flawlessly before adding more stuff. It's going to be on ongoing project to add a fuck ton of stuff.
  12. Holy shit guys, I did not expect this type of progress from 1 week of data collection, but congrats to the first two winners of the weekly progress on the bot. This data is only 6 days of progress!! I am working on making a hiscores on my site. There will be rewards for highest scores monthly, but I haven't decided what that will be. Most likely, exclusive add-ons to the script and access to beta-testing for new features. Also, I do not save any information related to account names obviously, it is only tied to your osbot username. If you want to be excluded from this, just send me a pm.
  13. hmm... that's never happened to me before. The way that it is scripted, it should not leave bank unless it has the exact number of runes needed. Did it tele twice to a location? This might be another one of those odd things that requires a reset on your comp. You also have only 2 strawberry seeds, but you're at first patch. Did your run out of strawberry seeds in bank or did it not grab enough?
  14. @dabswax Just put in the database update and you are the first person on the list =]. Will be making a hiscores & custom signatures too. I will finally find out how many people actually use the script lol.
  15. Right on cue, the Thursday 1 post trial request
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