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Fly's Feedback

  1. romfan left Negative feedback   

    Sells 'handdone' lvl 3. His bot doesn't even complete the whole list

    Fly was The Seller

  2. romfan left Positive feedback   

    bought level 3's went smooth

    Fly was The Seller

  3. wonkateddy left Positive feedback   

    was awesome. fly supplied the 60-70 agil in 4 days with new years eve

    Fly was The Seller

  4. juakms423 left Positive feedback   

    bought "one small favour" for 3m.. tipped 1m for his speed!

    Fly was The Seller

  5. Chris left Positive feedback   

    Did some quick services! Fast A++

    Fly was The Seller

  6. guywithlsd left Positive feedback   

    Did some quest.

    Fly was The Seller

  7. Fratem left Positive feedback   

    Sold me 2 accounts, smooth trade, went first!

    Fly was The Seller

  8. Bigmain533 left Positive feedback   

    Very fast did some quests and powerlvl vouch!

    Fly was The Seller

  9. meako2848 left Positive feedback   

    Completed 3 quests for me in no time! Thank you so much! :)

    Fly was The Seller

  10. v2uncrippled left Positive feedback   

    Dude does his job, top notch m8, Recommend for powerlevels!

    Fly was The Seller

  11. Abuse left Positive feedback   

    Sold him a private script :)

    Fly was The Seller

  12. Bashar Al Asaad left Positive feedback   

    Good guy

    Fly was The Seller

  13. lolkek45 left Positive feedback   

    Completed MM and Tree Gnome for me. Great quester!

    Fly was The Seller

  14. merloman left Positive feedback   

    Did quest for him, fast payment! great guy!

    Fly was The Buyer

  15. Abuse left Positive feedback   

    Asked for a service, got done before I woke up, thank you

    Fly was The Seller

  16. ProxyFish left Neutral feedback   

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH FLY. He Hires Scammers to do services on your account

    Fly was The Seller

  17. Milo left Positive feedback   

    Did a leveling service for me, very fast and great guy.

    Fly was The Seller

  18. RsgpDeals left Positive feedback   

    bought his 80m 07 thx

    Fly was The Seller

  19. Abuse left Positive feedback   

    Bought an awesome account, thank you!

    Fly was The Seller

  20. bigdicky left Neutral feedback   

    I Paid 1st to "Hold spot

    Fly was The Seller

  21. Mordred left Positive feedback   

    made him 2 accs extremely easy to work with

    Fly was The Buyer

  22. Meat Doctor left Positive feedback   

    made an account for 13m thanks

    Fly was The Buyer

  23. Influx left Positive feedback   

    Made some gfx for Fly. really smooth job! good guy ty

    Fly was The Buyer

  24. merloman left Positive feedback   

    Did 69-75 con for me! super fast, great guy!

    Fly was The Seller

  25. Looted left Positive feedback   

    sold me 100m 07 ty

    Fly was The Seller

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