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  1. Hi, Please contact me on Skype: MatthewVitale866 - that's the easiest way!
  2. Try manually typing the proxy information, most of the time its improper / wrong settings. You can make a ticket on http://www.proxyfish.com with a screenshot of your settings and we will take a look
  3. If your computer can run the 1-2 accounts you don't need the VPS (as long as you keep your computer on when you're botting). For 1-2 accounts, if that's F2P i wouldn't bother getting proxies for just 1-2 F2P accounts. If it's P2P, maybe 1 socks proxy to separate the 1-2 accounts from your home IP.
  4. We're here if you need proxies, you can definitely reduce the amount of chainbans you get using proxies like the ones we sell at http://www.proxyfish.com (SOCKS proxies for botting). However, it won't nullify the bans as bans come with botting 07.
  5. Thanks for the mention - we're here if you ever need us: http://www.proxyfish.com - there's a discount code on our OSBot topic as well.
  6. Hello, Our proxies don't go down generally, if you open a ticket we always look into what's going on. We don't have Norway, but we do have Netherlands, Germany, and London UK. Our proxies have some of the highest uptime and best speeds. If you do have an issue that doesn't seem to be getting resolved, you can always Skype me as well. Best, ProxyFish | http://www.proxyfish.com
  7. Thanks @Juggles! You can get proxies if you'd like @ http://www.proxyfish.com - If you're looking to grow past a few accounts, then proxies might be worth it to avoid chain bans. If you're running F2P, you don't need as many proxies, but for P2P botting (especially at a larger scale) you don't want to get chain banned.
  8. We offer some of the best quality proxies. Check us out at: http://www.proxyfish.com - I've also returned your PM
  9. We sell VPS (and dedicated servers) with everything pre-installed and ready to go, including bot software and web browser as you know ;)
  10. As stated, it has to always be SOCKS proxies for botting. If you need any proxies, we got 20% off going on using promo code: osbot20 and our site is http://www.proxyfish.com Thanks!
  11. ProxyFish

    Max 1 Def

    Fly is not reliable and hires scammers from other sites to do services. Will be making a post on it soon.
  12. I know there's probably some people who keep their mules level 3 but if I was Jagex I would run a search on Level 3's with X > gold and ban, so I would recommend not having a level 3(s) hold a lot of your gold for long periods of time. I don't recommend botting level 3's in general but some may say it doesn't matter. Just giving some of the tips I receive from clients.
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