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  1. Fly

    1-80 Ranged

    You have my skype. Hit me up if you still need this.
  2. Fly

    B gloves

    150m Skype - RsFlyy
  3. Fly

    Easy Services

    1m for the Mining 3.5m for the Agility 25m for Bursting/Firewaving Skype - RsFlyy
  4. These can be botted?
  5. Because you are showing all the stats.. doesn't take much to find the account, and ripperino.. GG account banned.
  6. Rip, that account will be banned...
  7. 400k Skype - RsFlyy Otherwise 250k botted.
  8. Oh fk that.. 1.2k xp/hr??? so 1200 hours an account..
  9. It's like 6k xp hr? If so, 200 hours to complete one account..
  10. 5.5gp/xp via nmz for strength. Bursting can be done aswell Skype - RsFlyy
  11. Doing 1 Zulrah account for a customer now. He's getting the following 85 Range 85 Mage 70 Def 45 Prayer Full Void Fully quested.
  12. Open one rs client to one OsBot client..
  13. Fly

    Pc 60 atk pure

    I would expect 100m more maybe more.
  14. Fly

    Pc 60 atk pure

    If I was you, i'd turn it in a zerk. And you get alot more of it..
  15. download the windows one?? .exe
  16. Fly

    Pc my main

    Maybe 150m max but it all comes down to the buyer..
  17. 7m for quests and 6m for agility
  18. Fly

    barrows gloves

    150m Skype - RsFlyy
  19. Need some people to join! Received huge orders!
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