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  1. post contact info , price below, need it fast
  2. didnt say to you, as it wasnt edited before you posted. :)))
  3. i will not go below 1$, as the thread says.
  4. post contact info below, edit now selling for 0.95 fast please
  5. why would i do it on my free time either, i have method to make way more
  6. https://stocks.exchange/trade/REDV/ETH
  7. theres buy orders for 5-6cents ea, but okay
  8. stocks.exchange is better, and im not in rush.
  9. crypto :-) could get 150$ from it instant if i depositted to exchange.
  10. title says it all. post offers below. currently 1 redv is about 0.08-0.1usd or so
  11. need from someone trusted as im providing gear worth like 100m+
  12. need alot of stuff done on alot of diff accounts. post contact info below... need someone fast.
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