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  1. I've had a question i can't seem to get deathwalk working i put my gear at gear only using shield and scim but it doesnt reequip the items any 1 know what im doing wrong
  2. No trials and 41.67m per month if paying full 25$ Will use imbued heart
  3. I hope so, atleast talk to fruity first instead of this. Talking sh.t about a good scripter, i use it 6h a day atm for over a month no probs.
  4. Every 1 buying are zulrah users
  5. Think it needs some tweaks some areas are unknown these days
  6. @Fruity we are close with fixing all V2 bugs only at v2.45 latest pushed u fixed leaving house when drinking from the pool by not drinking at all. Option "drink Ornate rejuvenation pool" ---------_-------------- fruity found the issue now wait for @Alek to push
  7. @Fruity as mentioned on discord a reminder of using house teleport it gets stuck outside the house if u logout inside the house. Also does it restock runes if avaible in bank using trident?
  8. Good to hear hope (4) works fast too ghehe
  9. Any option to select 2spots for ardy knight if. Not on that spot don't steal get busted to much xD
  10. Some scripters give the time back so depends on the scripter
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