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  1. Java 8 update 241 64-bit, I'm using the regular oldschool runescape client.
  2. Yep, got the same issue. Script stops working and at that point if you click stop/pause it freezes all client interactivity but the actual game is still running (enemies walking around etc. you just can't move, turn or interact with any client functions) You have to get back to the login screen to avoid getting a freeze once you press stop/pause, so either get 10-min logged for inactivity or logout manually using the PGUP hotkey to toggle your mouse back on. Once logged out you can stop/pause without freezing the client. If it freezes you have to use the task manager to force-close the client though. I've reinstalled both clients and cleared my cache and re-downloaded java as well. It seems, although I can't say definitively, that doing some of these things might help: Running the client in low CPU mode, using Perfect Fighter's performance mode (low CPU or whatever it's called) and for some reason setting the java.exe process to: Priority > Low. From what I can tell it seems to happen if the client starts screwing with your CPU which sometimes happens really fast (~30 min) but sometimes it can go for like 4-5 hours. The memory use doesn't seem to be the problem for me at least, it can go through the roof and I still seem to be fine (16GB ram, the memory use sometimes goes up by 4-5 times over the course of a couple hours compared to right after launching the client and starting a script). And as I said this is just what seems to reduce the frequency of the issue for me but it still happens so it could just be circumstantial, idk.
  3. Mine was fairly similar in terms of creation date ~4,200 days or so, never played OSRS so starting on tut island. Been botting F2P for 1 month now 7-12 hrs a day (mixing AFK methods with more click intensive things) but skipped a couple of days when I was super busy and couldn't check in on the bot at all. Never over night, always during daytime with some minor breaks. Usually try to be somewhat consistent with breaks to mimic a schedule that makes sense for my time zone.. albeit a "no-lifing schedule" (like lunch, dinner etc..) and I avoided botting for the first day and just played legit through the OSBot client doing various tasks, did most of the quests, with very varied skilling and moneymaking, also never muled any cash over. So far so good I guess? Kinda figured I would be banned by now but I'm not complaining! Doing like 1-2 hours of botting a day just sounds boring af and even if I botted for 100 days straight with no bans I'd get what..? 150 hours of progress? Wohoooo.....
  4. So you were leveling one-dimensionally on a fresh throwaway account straight off the boat and it got banned, followed by a ban on your main? I would assume that your throwaway was flagged and caught then your main got caught by association. (Same IPs, same MAC addresses, same passwords, same local java files, on several devices as well? Phone, laptop - desktop as well?) Seems like you gave Jagex a lot of information to work with, did you bot on these 2 accounts concurrently as well? They're not gonna boot you offline instantly and ban you unless your name is 374 pike 214 and you've got 10 concurrent connections from fresh accounts all doing the same thing.
  5. @TheWind It's quite slow, is that intentional or is it just because I'm running the client in MM? It's going at like ⅓ the max burying speed if you compare to doing it by hand. Besides that it's clean and works well! Used it a while ago for ~25-43 prayer.
  6. @Khaleesi Here's some feedback, mostly stuff I'm critical of but I'll start off by saying it worked well in the sense that the script never broke, it never got stuck anywhere or had any errors. However I felt the execution was far from great: Incredibly quick and snappy mouse movements to the exact same X/Y coordinates and ground squares repeatedly (as a result of having pre-defined, non-randomized, 1x1 walking tiles + no camera movement) - as opposed to something more dynamic like this where the bot picks a general location by creating a "web" consisting of several tiles: I ended up recording some of the mouse X/Y positions on things like my first click after leaving the bank / furnace and got these numbers from when it walked out of the bank to the furnace in Edgeville: X/Y - Mouse position inside of the client 688/115 687/115 688/116 687/115 687/115 687/115 687/115 687/115 continues... Very predictable and "bot-like" to say the least, especially considering how quickly it snaps to these positions as well. The only exception I found where this behavior didn't exist was for pure bank-standing methods that only rely on clicking items/npcs/world objects/menues etc but that's because OSBot has built in randomization for all those things. Though I still have some problems with those as well, mainly how fast it executes certain actions like selecting right-click options. Excessive clicking, will snap to and click the same square at even intervals several times (2-5 times) instead of clicking and waiting until you are within "X squares" of the position to issue the next command. I didn't try several locations but it at least lacks the functionality to utilize OSBot's web walker system to walk from the Grand Exchange to Edgeville. So you can't start the script unless you're already at the location. Some clunky behavior - presses spacebar through chatbox level-up messages and the follow-up "You can now craft.." messages. For things like combat training this makes the player resume fighting after it gets through them however it does nothing for things like jewelry crafting. So you simply end up going through the dialogues, waiting.. and then the script resumes crafting by clicking the furnace again. Just a small annoyance - on the last inventory it logged out because it only had 12 out of 13 bars and gems instead of finishing all 1,000. Recorded a couple of these points for some visual reference:
  7. I haven't tried it on stealth injection and unfortunatelly I kind of want to avoid using it since the account is associated with my residential IP, Mac-address etc. and I'm trying to evade bans. Pausing the script and closing the menu manually will let the bot continue running (but I assume the issue can still reoccur), that's all I can really add. This would mean that adamantite bars works at least right..? Since it's 4 ores/24 coal = 28? That rule would only apply to bronze and addy though if I understand you correctly. Nice, goodluck - hopefully it comes sooner rather than later Any other ideas for troubleshooting? If there's any tool I can use besides just the script logger to record my client data or whatever and send it to you I could do that.
  8. Nice, well I bought the script so I'll try it out once it goes live. Lmao can I bug you with something more though? Maybe this is a lot of work to fix depending on how the script is made but please consider changing this. The script is pretty inefficient at withdrawing combinations of ores and coal currently. I'm making steel right now and it's manually doing and typing 9 for iron then doing again and typing 18 for coal, every single time. There are many solutions that are much better than this, some of them are specific to certain bars (and probably tedious to code then?) but one method works well for all bars: For all bars: The best solution would be to use to manually take out the ores (9x iron) (5x mithril) (4x adamantite) (3x runite) but only the first time. This will then save that option for the next time you bank (like so: ) and then you simply use for the coal. This is simple and works well for pretty much all bars (more on that later). You can further reduce the amount of input needed to bank by changing the quantity option to "All" which the script could do for you but it's not necessary I suppose. You can do it manually before running the script as well. Now you simply have to left-click to withdraw "All" coal: Here's what this looks like for all bars: Steel: "X-9 Iron ore" + "All Coal" = +1 Coal leftover Mith: "X-5 Mithril ore" + "All Coal" = +3 Coal leftover (Too much? Do "X-20 Coal" and use the "Withdraw-5" option for the Mithril ores instead) Addy: "X-4 Adamantite ore" + "All coal" = Perfect inventory Rune: "X-3 Runite ore" + "All coal" = +1 Coal leftover Bar-specific solutions: I'll be less specific with this one and just go over steel, I have an example for mithril already. You could simply do "Withdraw-10" for iron and "Withdraw-All" for coal. This leaves you with 1 iron ore leftover. Another option for steel if you want a perfect inventory would be "Withdraw-X" type 9, switch the "Quantity" to "X" now it can simply left-click the iron ore once and the coal twice to withdraw precisely 9 iron and 18 (9+9) coal in only 3 clicks. This is probably shit from a coding/programming perspective though but I might as well mention it. Anyway, it'd be awesome if you could implement this because the more coal you bring the more often you have to bank so speeding up the banking will do A LOT, also less clicks and more natural movement is always a plus imo. I don't know how much work it is - maybe it's a pain to change if you didn't build the script like this from the bottom-up? Thanks! The difference: Edit: Sadly the error seems to persist though, it's probably an identical log but in case it isn't here it is: LOG
  9. I'm not running low-CPU mode, using MM with 50fps and 50ms right now. Edit: Lag could be associated with getting cancelled animations, not sure. However if they do happen the extra delay you added didn't quite do the trick (hasn't succeeded yet). MM seems to give me occasional frame skips not really sure what to do about that though, I'm only running 1 bot and I've got a pretty decent desktop PC. I could try reformatting I guess but shit that'll be annoying.
  10. @Apaec The delay is long enough that I finish smelting the bar now but it's still not quite right. It hasn't managed to do it as of running the script for 53 minutes (sry for the small FPS skip). I haven't gotten the error on v2.06 though.
  11. @Apaec Got stuck smelting iron (error message) - LOG HERE Happened on this screen: Edit 1: Got stuck again 10 minutes later + a 3rd time later. Same place again, happens right after opening the smelting menu - LOG Edit 2: Sometimes certain animations in RS overlaps causing the next one to not play (most common one people know about is alching where you cast alch but your arms aren't moving). This can happen with smelting too and causes the script to re-open the smelting menu because it thinks you stopped, enable audio and you can hear the smelting sound playing while the animation doesn't:
  12. @Apaec Script started getting errors in Varrock east bank and got stuck trying to bank, doesn't happen every time you run the script or anything like that though. (LOG)
  13. Hi @Malcolm Is it because people use it to get quick FM quest requirements? If you make any exceptions to this rule I'd like to trial it, I don't like to gamble on scripts. I'm not leveling FM for anything specific other than working on my total level in general. I'll give you feedback on it if you wish. Here's the acccount: Thanks!
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