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  1. Confidence is the neural networks calculation in it's own confidence it is making the correct decisions. They don't represent the other bots directly but more the whole neural network as a whole (which also contains the data from the other bots) to inform decisions. Edit: Also must point out that in the case of Zulrah as there is only one bot and no teaming the confidence score only uses the data from that zulrah bots instance.
  2. Runescape isn't that complex that you'd require 100s of thousands in server processing fees just to run a neural network for. Sure there's a few inputs but to calculate things to such a high confidence in a medieval clicking simulator would be overkill...
  3. My account isn't level 20 but is close. I thought I would post just incase you are interested/get no other posts. Details: Level 18 (Halfway to 19) Has some good pokemon like Gyarados. Others such as Flareon Arcanine too. I can provide screenshots/more info you may require about the account. I haven't played for a while so I am unsure if anything else would be useful. If you wish to, you can contact me on Discord (Impensus#2428) or here.
  4. Your misunderstanding how reCAPTCHA works. Your solution is sent off and verified server side. If correct you are returned a captcha token which is valid for 2 minutes. All these websites do is manually solve the captcha on your page and send you back a valid token which you can use to pass verification. There is no token to "intercept" as you only get a valid token returned from solving the puzzle either manually or paying a captcha solving service.
  5. lmao gtfo if you have nothing to contribute to our community except hate and criticism.
  6. While loops within your onLoop or subsequently called functions are bad practice. The reason for this is that in itself your onLoop is a while loop that will constantly run. By nesting while loops within, you can cause script performance issues and issues with other Osbot functions not being reachable (I remember when I did this my scripts always took ages to stop, leading me to believe that the Osbot functions called upon exiting were not called until the while loop exited). The best case is to just structure your code so that the correct functions/if statements will be reached when the onLoop iterates over everything repeatedly. As for your specific issue, the .webWalk should handle objects like doors? I assume your issue when using the first snippet is as follows: 1. Loops through the areas 2. False return in one of the areas 3. Carries onto next area in the loop after returning. False return causes rest of the tasks in the previous area not to be executed. - Using the while loop mitigates this as it will be stuck within the the navigating block until reaching the area to conduct tasks, although it isn't best practice. What I would personally do (unsure if it is what other scripters would suggest). 1. Create an execution chain of functions that carry out the task in each area, they should be called after navigating to the area. Part of these tasks is to webwalk to the next area 2. In my onLoop, instead of iterating over each area, have an if statement for each area starting at the first. When the script completes these tasks then it will webwalk to the next area and reach the next areas if statement and conduct the tasks within there. 3. This execution chain continues until every area has been navigated to and all the tasks completed for each. By doing this, you have lots more code (and I agree it is less elegant of a solution than a for loop). You however, are certain that if your script has another strange/erroneous return whilst navigating, the next iteration of the onLoop will resume in the correct place and carry on with the execution of the tasks at hand.
  7. Any chance I could get a trial?
  8. Finishing my personal private scripts then will look into it probably in a few weeks or so. Add my discord if you want as I would appreciate your help and support - Impensus#2428
  9. lmao take it up with paypal if you think their site is awkward. Nothing to do with osbot.
  10. I will have a look into this one tonight. Sounds simple and useful so perfect for a free script
  11. Hey guys, I've been a member here for a while now and constantly dipping in and out of botting due to various reasons. I'm back now and I want to earn my scripter rank and provide some decent free scripts for the members of osbot to use. Does anyone have some suggestions of free scripts that osbot may be lacking and that I could work on? Cheers!
  12. 1. Sometimes if I wait the script stops. Other times I have to force kill it. I’m guessing that after I’ve ran and stopped it too many times the client eventually becomes unresponsive and needs to be killed. 2. I can see the logs, there are no visible NPEs 3. It’s likely that it is one or more sections of the script. However I don’t think it’s code that is currently running (if that’s possible) as like I mentioned in the body the code in this loop worked fine before I added new classes. I’m guessing some errors occur during class/variable instantiation that cause these errors but don’t give visible NPEs etc.
  13. Hi guys, I recently made a big expansion to a script of mine. I went from the classes Farming, Banking & Teleports to a script that contains about 13 classes total. The reason I mention this, is that since then my script eats about 500mb RAM (fair bit more than it did originally) and is sometimes unresponsive/takes a while to stop. I've noticed this behaviour even when the script is looping in the "Farming" methods, despite this behaviour not existing before the additional classes were added. No changes have been made to the original classes so I am unsure why they now are a lot slower. I'm wondering if you guys have any generic tips/anecdotal advice on problems you have encountered causing similar behaviour. Thanks!!
  14. Hi guys, I'm trying to use a script with multiple classes. For the context of this we have: Main, Farming, Banking. In Main I have the following: public class Main extends Script { private Farming farming = new Farming(); private Banking banking = new Banking(); public void onStart() { farming.exchangeContext(getBot()); banking.exchangeContext(getBot()); } public int onLoop() { //do stuff } } In Farming I have: public class Farming extends MethodProvider{ private Banking banking = new Banking(); public void myMethod(){ if(xyz == true){ banking.BankingMethod(); } } } And finally Banking: public class Banking extends MethodProvider { public void bankingFunction(){ //Do banking stuff } } Now my issue is, whenever I call the functions from Banking by instantiating the Banking class inside Farming, I always get a NullPointerException and the programme crashes instantly. This happens regardless of the classes I use. How do I properly instantiate and use classes from within another class, where said class isn't main? I tried doing this by just calling Banking.bankingFunction() and got the error in the title. Many thanks, - Impensus
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