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  1. hey been using this script lots and i love it, but since the deadman final i havnt been able to bot for more then 45 minutes without the osbot client getting stuck. the client randomly freezes once the bot teles to edge with a glory, to bank from hunting black chins. anyone else having this issue?
  2. any skilling accounts with 90+ low combats so people can build their own style accounts
  3. i have never had a dmm ban, i have botting every season except for this one
  4. title says it all, looking for both kind of accounts, all other stats dont matter. post your prices below,
  5. wait 4 years, and appeal saying you are sorry, i gotten over 15 accounts back
  6. i botted over 10 hours a day straight to get my main max melee in a month, idk if they are winning, if someone who hasnt been botting in years can come back to botting and bot over 200 hours to get max melee, then i dont think they are winning, imagine what people have been doing for years with good knowledge of botting.
  7. @Eagle Scripts would i just @ him here? or contact through pm?
  8. @Eagle Scripts how do i go about getting a refund for this script i just bought it and used only an hour or two maybe and its not the bot for me. i dont like the mouse movements and its lacking some features i thought it would have, got stuck for no reason and bad xp rates at lv 80 thieving
  9. if anyone has contact with this guy contact me please

  10. This guy recovered an old account he sold to me 3-4 years ago. 

  11. GameCube

    OSBot 2.4.160

    i have osbot 2.4.161 and its not working for shittttttttttttttttttt
  12. GameCube

    Stealth Quester

    i believe you have to check out the whole script and see if there is any mess ups or see whats happening. because yesterday was the first time being banned using this, i clicked the avas package, it got me avas then woke up this morning with a 2 day bann. rip
  13. iphone suck unless you got mac, but if you have pc and arent about social media get a galaxy note 8 my friend
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