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  1. I thought about that, hence the name haha! Is Fletching popular? I heard its not too hard to bot but its not that valuable, but I'm sure they aren't too hard to pump out. I'm not sure, might have to ask around.
  2. Hello all, new to the area. Looking to get into the account selling business with a few simple accounts and to open a graphics store. Been playing RS since I was a kid but I am currently getting back into Warframe on Steam! I made my avatar and signature as well, if you would like something feel free to send a message and we can talk!
  3. Hi everyone, new here. Looking to get into the account selling business... Looking around, what account types are most in demand? Birdhouses, NMZ accounts, Runecrafting? I don't want to make Zulrah accounts to start off, I would like to dip my feet in easier account types that I can pump out to begin with. Thank you! I read I need 100 posts to sell accounts, just looking to get some ideas and opinions on what you see in the markets!
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