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  1. I saw why. Sometimes it only collects one of the three armor pieces on the ground after the specific amount of tokens is obtained (400 required in my case). Edit: It doesn't seem to pick up iron defender. Tested on 2 accounts and both had the problem.
  2. I'm not quite sure because I was afk, but adding a check should fix it.
  3. Don't know why but sometimes Shanomi would have my armor and the script would try to fetch another set from the bank. It then clicks on the animator, but it doesn't work because the bot needs to collect the lost armor from Shanomi which it doesn't do, so it just stands there.
  4. Goblin diplomacy--Doesn't buy the items required. It walks straight to goblin village without checking required items.
  5. If you find cheaper gold anywhere I will match or beat the price! Rate: 0.49/M Stock: Out of stock! Add my discord: Zeronix#7513
  6. Pirates treasure---Doesn't fill crate with banana, fails to get apron, doesn't complete dialogue correctly with Port Sarim shopkeeper
  7. Can I have a trial plz?
  8. Could I have a trial plz? Want to test it out before buying
  9. Bro mirror mode is a must for osbot
  10. Could you add support to divine bastion potion?
  11. Great script overall, except that it seems to not detect zoom so it keeps zooming, and it also cannot detect axes. Don't know if it is an osbot or sf issue.
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