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  1. Please Post On Forum: Amount of Gold: 2M to start Payment Methods: Osrs Added me on Skype/Discord yet: yes
  2. can i have a trial please
  3. bfaust

    Perfect Thiever

    is the new ardy knigt spot updated (In the ardy bank) if so can i have a trial
  4. Can i have a trial please? love your druid script!
  5. I bought this yesterday its pathing is very obvious and it has alot of problems like it wont use the shortcuts, the mine and make tab option doesnt work unless u hold all the runes on u the entire time and the bot wont retrieve them it just logs out, wish it could do like 100 ess then get runes make tab repeat but, i wont use it too risky for me, is there anyway to get a refund even if i can swap it for another script written by you? This one just scares me .Also so you can figure it out, I dont use mirror mode, had the agi lvl for all shortcuts
  6. Flawless script man, got a sexy ass 82 range proggie for you too. Not even wearing void just black d hide and zam coif
  7. bfaust


    anyway to have it deposit the sandstone in the sandstone grinder west of the mining spot? turns the sandstone and holds 25k bucket of sand , if so id buy in an instant
  8. Order Form: What do you need? : void+ fc if u can do it with my gear Going first or middleman? : first What's your Skype/Discord ID? : GzE#8439 Do you agree to my TOS? : yes
  9. EDIT: FIGURED IT OUT WAS MY OWN STUPIDITY not sure whats happening i start it at cwars selected all the right guis, have tele spell in my inv and bank duel rings in bank and hats what i chose in gui but the bot legit does nothing mouse doesnt even move,i tried restarting diff food everything idk whats happening oh also when i hit start on the gui it doesnt exit out
  10. bfaust

    Stealth NMZ

    hey man would love to try a trial out to max my iron!
  11. May i have a 24 hour trial, does it support monk fish?
  12. interested in purchase for my ironman, may I have a trial?(threads were liked )
  13. How long typically for full pros?
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