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  1. 60-80m/acc priklauso nuo to kiek acc reik, padarytume per pora savaičių
  2. didn't received invite, make sure you invited me. russian guy#7091
  3. Lmao, most services use venezuelans so do i. Its 50m difference and you so happy? Post same request for weeks and you will find someone to do it for 60m or even less but you will risk with getting your bank cleaned. I dont understand whats the reason i'm „not good enough” for such service. If you dont have enough money to pay guy with vouches then look for less trusted and risk bank. Edit: also dont forget to report my post so mods can remove it and give me warnings.
  4. oh sorry, i though you looking for quotes, you shoud have mentioned that you looking for venezuelan who can do this for few mil
  5. 200m for all quests and outfit
  6. 1-99 FM 165m 50-99 FM 150m 1-38 Thieving at Bakers Stall 15m 1-60 Agility without canifis. 40m
  7. coud do for like 100m
  8. Hey, i coud train you 70/70/70 and 50 slayer from scratch for 30m/acc + supplies.
  9. how much you looking to spend for this? coud do this myself if you able to spend more like few dollar for botted acc.
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