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  1. Old topic, but for those looking for an updated solution as InventorySlotDestination is deprecated. This worked for me: public void moveInvItem(int from, int to) { if (from < 0) return; Rectangle toRec = getInventory().getSlotBoundingBox(to); RectangleDestination rectDest = new RectangleDestination(getBot(), getInventory().getSlotBoundingBox(getInventory().getSlot(from))); getMouse().continualClick(rectDest, new Condition() { public boolean evaluate() { if (toRec.contains(getMouse().getPosition())) return true; getMouse().move(new RectangleDestination(getBot(), toRec)); return false; } }); new ConditionalSleep(1200) { @Override public boolean condition() throws InterruptedException { return getInventory().getSlot(from) == to; } }.sleep(); }
  2. Discord not found. Valid#0891 - 115489734435799043 Add me.
  3. Also, would this fix just occur at some time, or do I have to scrap all my world hopping bots until 2.5.81? @Patrick
  4. Could very well be the issue, as doing it manually it just works and all, with that being said. It should work on Stealth Injection in that case. Thanks for your input, hope to see it fixed.
  5. Client Version: 2.5.80 (Mirror Mode) Script Version: OSBot Hopping method Date: 28-04-20 Low CPU Mode (yes/no) : no Bug Description: So , after X amount of times suddenly hopping / accessing worlds become completely null. It's probably some edit Jagex has done to it's game, is my hypothesis. The first 1-50 hops go through perfectly fine, however after that I can't access getWorlds.getAvailableWorlds(true) anymore, and even with a pre-initialized ArrayList I can't hop to the world, as that line .hop(world) just gives a nullPointerException. After trying to make the mouse hover manually (which also resulted in a NPE) and many other tricks to see if it's just me having this bug. I'm 90% sure it's not and hope to see this fixed as all my bot farms are on idle right now because of this. Bug Occurs When: Being in a certain world where world returns null , if I hop to a random world manually with my mouse, then hop back . It works perfectly fine again (even with the script) Where Bug Occurs: Whilst trying to hop. Screenshots (if applicable): There is one part of the code named: worldHopInt I manually set the world I wanna hop to, to break the for loop and hop to the correct world. Not sure if this is the best way to do it, but EVERYTHING worked perfectly fine, before Jagex turned off World Hopping for COVID-19 / 2.5.80 OSBot update. Code for hop: https://pastebin.com/QBwH7dH9 Code to get the available worlds and store them in my ArrayList: https://pastebin.com/DusMKT5u
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