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  1. Wasn't satisfied with the available fly fish + cook scripts in the script network. Here's a simple snippet for you all: Simply have feathers and fly fishing rod in your inventory. Make sure inventory slot 2 is empty as the script will always cook the raw fish in this slot first, then will cook the opposite (salmon or trout) after. FYI: Since cooking on a fire causes the player to go out of animation after every cooking action, using My Player Is Not Animating is not good enough. If your player is cooking and your script enters the IF statement where you select the fish, by the time t
  2. Wasn't happy with any of the iron ore power miners on the script network, so here's a simple one for you all: This one is for the 3 iron ores in Verdant Valley, Fossil Island. Change the rock positions and the rock ids and this'll work for any sets of rocks. <Integer>RockCounter:1 <Boolean>IsAnimating:false <Position>RockThree:3767,3756,0 <Position>RockTwo:3768,3757,0 <Position>RockOne:3767,3758,0 [1, RS2Object, getPosition, 2:11364, 1:RockOne, 1:==] [1, Variables, getInteger, 1:RockCounter, 1:==, 2:1] [1, MyPlayer, isAnimating, {false}] [1, Inventory,
  3. Bug on restocking. 1: Mirror Mode 2: logs: https://pastebin.com/h8Wm1ckB 3: Description: Attempts to restock: Uses teleport to home (lumbridge), goes to al kharid and takes glider to gnome stronghold. Once there, attempts to use home teleport again which fails due to cool down.
  4. Rooftop Agility trial please
  5. can't find this in the sdn, this is no longer supported?
  6. Do you reckon you can extend this bot to respond to any1 taking to you? ie; it sends you discord msg and you can reply. For example: bot: “name”:”wc lvl?” you: !reply “60, wbu?” Actually, using a discord bot to configure script behavior would be pretty neat, !stop !break 20 minutes !status This is some cool stuff, Medusa
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