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Karyza's Feedback

  1. OSRS Butlers left Positive feedback   

    Sold me 15 pray fcape pure for 95m+ gmauler - sweet <3

    Karyza was The Seller

  2. No Prayer left Positive feedback   

    Sold him lvl 3 with 115 tickets - Awesome guy!

    Karyza was The Buyer

  3. pcstekje left Positive feedback   

    sold his starter main to me went smooth great guy !

    Karyza was The Seller

  4. LeBron left Positive feedback   

    Sold him 60M smooth trade tyvm!

    Karyza was The Buyer

  5. Kim left Positive feedback   

    Purchased 110M 07, Tyvm! ^^

    Karyza was The Buyer

  6. Chuckle left Positive feedback   

    sold him 156m for btc A++++

    Karyza was The Buyer

  7. Trotse Soesie left Positive feedback   

    Did quests for him - He paid after - Trusted :) +1

    Karyza was The Buyer

  8. lol123jer left Positive feedback   

    Done a list of quests for him, he paid first, all went smooth (:

    Karyza was The Seller

  9. gearing left Positive feedback   

    Sold him 233m he went first, enjoy man, another satisfied customer!+1

    Karyza was The Buyer

  10. rickgill49 left Positive feedback   

    Completed Legends Quest for me!

    Karyza was The Seller

  11. Pak Yak left Neutral feedback   

    Lied about how many people had access to his account, disputed me for his mistake

    Karyza was The Buyer

  12. SnowMan left Positive feedback   

    Did a few quests for him, trusted with 50m+ bank, thanks for the order. :)

    Karyza was The Buyer

  13. Sysm left Positive feedback   

    Bought Barrow gloves from us <3

    Karyza was The Buyer

  14. Uhtred left Positive feedback   

    Made threadlayout for him nice guy to work with!

    Karyza was The Buyer

  15. SnowMan left Positive feedback   

    Trusted me on his account with 12m wealth, I completed 24 RC and rune mysteries

    Karyza was The Buyer

  16. Pak Yak left Positive feedback   

    Sold him a level 3 with halo + Ranged top. +1

    Karyza was The Buyer

  17. rickgill49 left Positive feedback   

    Completed an RFD quest for me!

    Karyza was The Seller

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