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  1. I recovered it cuz I was asked to? I'll just refund him I guess, I'm not able to till the weekend is over.
  2. I have some irl stuff going on that i have to fix, i will be able to sort this with him after the weekend, i hope you respect this.
  3. Karyza


    i can custom make one with any skills you want let me know what u looking for
  4. title says all make a offer
  5. how is your internet connection
  6. Were do you live might have one who wanna do it if in europe
  7. i can make 606060 for 20m 5050 for 7m
  8. Karyza


    11m for all
  9. i can do for 14m and 2.3m per extra helm
  10. Karyza


    skype: pkpure.hansen 3500k
  11. https://gyazo.com/744713ce4e5f3c083d4c8510d2bd4da6 has mith gloves
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