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  1. Will buy from .95-.97/m, just add me on skype or post your skype here snowman.osbot
  2. Yes and as it restarted it started downloading that driver
  3. So I recently purchased the invida geforce gtx 470 graphics card right? Well I replaced it in my desktop and it just says power enablign safe mode.. But in my screen resolution it says I still have my old one or something: I've tried installing the new driver, but it says it is up to date Any ideas? YES IT IS PUT IN RIGHT, I promise. I even took it out and hooked the old one up and it works fine ?? Trying to make it able to play a game I don't have enough dedicated ram I even bought DRiveragent and ran it, nothing happened, so I returned it. What do I do lol.. I'm not tech savvy Also ---- If you can help me, I can pay you
  4. Lol @ Dynamite that would be a starter main imo, nice try tho (trollface)
  5. --------- post all info and shit, if you are under 35 feedback, report your own post for not comprehending Thanks
  6. Selling for usd, chase quickpay or western union
  7. SnowMan


    in memory of vicfre
  8. OK thanks, account is still for sale. Awesome piety pure, just wait for the dragon claw rushing
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