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  1. for a square one newb looks good, keep it up. Focus on learning some blending, lighting/light source and overall depth and you'll make big improvments
  2. Jkbapeh

    SOTW 12

    Sheesh thing's moving slow here huh? I'll enter we gotta get this sub-forum jumping..
  3. Jkbapeh

    New Sig

    simple is best, so nice =)
  4. Nice piece man, only way you'll improve is if you keep bangin stuff out ! I like this piece so take my post as constructive criticism from another viewers perspective Text: Color choice, Blending, font choice etc... Not bad at all, buttttt the placement seems a bit off to me its taking away from the focal being next to the face of wiz. Background: Again not bad at all, Im into using the space type shit in my work too, but its kind of random lol, like hes just chillen in space(probably stoned a fck haha) and like jinx said that white line is bothering the crap outta me lol. Lighting: the lighting is kind of weird, but it seems like you might have used to moon as the light source in a way so you got the idea just gotta improve on it. Focal: Blending is good, I dig the little extra effects & stuff on the bottom that gives it a flashy feel. I would sharpen face, chain and tatts and slowly blur out the bg and it would stick out more. 7/10 with adjustments could be closer to 8.5-9/10, keep up the goodwork man !
  5. ahh man reminds me of the first time I learned animation lol. Keep up the good work, as others said; lower the tint opacity or set it to a lighter blending mode like maybe "soft light" cause right now it looks like a white line going thruugh your text, not a tint lol. Also as other said, put the tint line on an angle. Good luck and keep at it bro, I honestly hate working with animation, esp. in photoshop its kind of ass and tedious *oh yeah and try learning to fade your frames they will transition smoother!*
  6. Jkbapeh

    So I made a logo

    Simple yet efficient, what a logo is meant for. I approve, good work man !
  7. Good idea it'll keep all the unnecessary shit people put in their signatures to minimum and look a lot better. But im sure everyone wants to advertise their services everywhere they can so..
  8. Not sure if you want both together, I could do the website just don't have enough time lately so I wouldn't be able to, if you need the favicon done, just PM me the info.
  9. Not bad just the left & right side should be erased a little imo to keep the sig from showing the canvas size boundaries
  10. I seen some kid other night, his RSN was "Piff" I was sickkkk I want that Rsn so bad =( . I've seen a lot of really funny name on OSRS tho I can't lie GoogleMyYahoo Biggest Poop BurnDaBCH
  11. yea seen it on the stream that's lame least he made some money lol
  12. Jkbapeh


    I don't think thats the girl from twilight lol but... Datkleavage
  13. All the bitches love a restricted ********a He despises you lol Yeah, I know. I could tell that a little before/after I resigned. Yeah Why can't you say n1gg@ here... filters m8 filters. There's filters, but they didn't fix this big quote train thing. It's actually pretty annoying looking at, lol. Yeah ikr lol this needs to be fixed asap On pb you'd get banned for quote training like this On pb, you'd get banned for anything. Idc it's annoying as fuck to see them
  14. its in spam so no fvcks are given about the quote train
  15. Jkbapeh

    First Work

    Not a fan of the whole 3D shit on bot forums, but looks good C&C -Fix Lighting -Fix end of text -Clear up the Text, should be focal, other stuff should be Background For first time good job, keep it up brotha =)
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