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  1. SshinigamiS

    Bye Osbot

    Not much else to say.
  2. Back to buy a bit more osgp! - 20mil 1. Either you first or MM. 2. Leave your Skype below! or add mine, SshinigamiS 3. Price is $1.35/mil.
  3. "[18/07/2015 14:26:25] TAKITO 1,45$/M OSRS GOLD [500+ Feedbacks]: if you feel not comfortable with sharing your info please use other payment method [18/07/2015 14:26:30] TAKITO 1,45$/M OSRS GOLD [500+ Feedbacks]: like skrill :) [18/07/2015 14:27:17] ShinigamiS: I am able to use skrill too, and direct bank transfer"

  4. Hey everyone, SshinigamiS here! I'm looking to buy up to 100mil, for roughly $1.3-$1.4/mil. I'll be more than happy to use a middleman, unless you're fine with going first to me! Please add me on Skype: SshinigamiS. Oh, and here's a link to my current services thread if anyone's interested - http://osbot.org/forum/topic/74941-%C2%AB-sshinigamis-%C2%BB-osrs-services-all-in-one-%E2%95%AB-questing-%E2%95%AB-firecape-%E2%95%AB-torsos-%E2%95%AB-limited-time-only-fast-cheap-professional/
  5. Yabit, I'd like to buy it - I pm'd you in Osbot chat room
  6. Waiting for you to come on Skype It's the weekend! Ready for loads of orders! Lots of spare time for a while
  7. Full Void Service Completed for eellss! Healer/Defender/Queen kill completed for Peter! Took 1h35minutes The Giant Dwarf completed for Peter! Ready for orders!
  8. It depends on the stats of your account. The quickest I've done a torso in was roughly 2/2h30minutes, longest one was 6hours. Feel free to add me on Skype to discuss this
  9. Haha, it's certainly been a long time! (2-3 years) - I'm glad some veteran users like you are still around And yeah, I'm not fully in-tune with how everything currently is. Consider this as a beta thread - everything is negotiable =P Add me on Skype, it's been a while =)
  10. I only have one skype name, and that is "SshinigamiS" I only have one Osbot account, and that is "SshinigamiS" GLOBAL Osbot Terms of Service. My ToS: My speciality are Torsos, this is how I started off on the services section years ago when I was offering free Torsos This is a Limited Time only, meaning I may not be sticking around for a long time - but whilst I am here now, I would be more than happy to complete some services for Osbot! Link to my first ever services thread on Osbot: Torsos: 3.5mil - 5mil Order Form: Service required: Price (Amount/Negotiable?) : Accept my TOS: Your Skype: Current Services Completed:
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