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  1. Britney


    It is really easy to make, seriously anyone can do it lol
  2. OP is straight and engaged. And I can bet his woman walked by a b*tched him out for an ass being on his monitor. And furthermore, Pornography: printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity Straight off of google. So your arguments are invalid, considering no sexual Organs or Activities[ex: sex] are being portrayed. Good day, sirs. Why good day to you sir, I will just go ahead and prove every one of your stubborn arguments wrong. You don't know for a fact that he is straight, just because he is engaged; I should of clarified that earlier, I believe he is a closet homosexual. A quick fix would be to just disable that signature that they do not wish to see. Furthermore, it's apparent that the simple minded such as yourself cannot dig deeper into the context of a definition to discover the true meaning. Based on your Google-ripped definition, it would be valid to argue that breasts (organs) that are clothed fully but still are somewhat displayed can be considered pornography. Also, pornography can be interpreted differently by different people, so you cannot say that Google is the only 100% true and correct answer, because it obviously is not. This answer that I have given should clear up all questions and concerns pertaining to this topic, this thread can now be closed.
  3. Can someone ban him again please kthx
  4. 124m chips, 15m eoc, 6.9m 07 Don't get cleaned m8
  5. Can't wait for that ********a to make mine
  6. ewwww I'm gonna have to disagree on the looks part, her face looks fat imo Nah dawg, she only has a slight babyface because she is only 16. she is pretty and looks alot older than she actually is. I'd say she looks a few years older than what she actually is.
  7. She's actually pretty good, and has a nice voice compared to Friday. Got hot too, I'd fuck her
  8. Looks beautiful, those small underage breasts just make my penis extremely hard, I might go masturbate right now.
  9. The infract him for spamming so he knows not to do it again, there isn't a need to remove the feature for everyone because of one person.
  10. If you have sufficient proof that a scam occurred, please make a dispute here.
  11. Great news, glad the refunds were given in a timely fashion.
  12. Miss that joke is hilarious. Loving that TWC you fucking scammer umad shemale? Are you autistic or something I'm laughing at your rank, why would I be mad It's clear you don't even know what a shemale is
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