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  1. Dont forget to have mahogany trees planted on fossil island
  2. Fossil Island Mahogany Woodcutter Chops Mahogany Trees at the Fossil Island Farming patches and banks the logs. THIS SCRIPT WILL NOT WORK UNLESS YOU HAVE PLANTED MAHOGANY TREES ON FOSSIL ISLAND! Start script by heading to fossil island and equipping an axe that you can use. Support Dragon axe special attack and credit Nifty and Zackery for helping me add birds nests!
  3. Seers Agility and Teleport Runs laps of the Seers agility course and teleports back to the start after completing each lap. I couldn't get the spell book teleport to work so instead it uses Camelot teleport tabs. Make sure you have the seers bank set to your default teleport location by right clicking the Camelot teleport in the spell book, select configure and then choose seers. To do this you must have completed the kandarin hard diary. The script will also collect marks of grace so it is still decent money. Doing this method is the best Agility XP in the game up until 92 a
  4. ZeVo

    Stealth Quester

    Seeing that you have commented on 2 different scripts both saying your getting banned quickly its most likely that your IP has been flagged for bot farming. To slow down bans you can use proxy servers (Make sure account is both created and only logged in on the server that your using) or you can ring ISP and get them to change your IP. They shouldn't ask why you want to do this but if they do just say something like your current IP is being shared. For a Proxy don't cheap out and use something like Virmach and be sure to set proxy up with your browser while making accounts. Maxthon
  5. IP been flagged? Ive used this script allot and never been banned for it.
  6. Use Notepad++ then edit the script file. Then there is an option to replace all. (Think its ctrl + R) for the shortcut. Type "lure" replace all with "Lure" and it should be fine. jagex made an update what changed the name.
  7. Oh yh lol didn't realise. Thank you. Il have a look in a minute and see if there is a way to open 10 clients on windows. I think I got an idea that mite work. edit: I managed to get 26 clients open by highlighting the "Oldschool Runescape" shortcut on the desktop and then spamming the enter key. Picture of 26 OSRS clients open If that doesn't work for you say you can only get 5 clients open then trying copying the Oldschool runescape client folder and see if you can open extra clients like that. This works on Mac OS so it mite work for windows aswell. Let me know
  8. You don't need Runelite to do this. If you spam click the Oldschool client (With no clients open) it opens multiple windows.
  9. In a future update cos you add a mouse overlay like you had a while ago. I know you got mouse coordinates but it's easier seeing the actual mouse position. Sometimes bot's can bug out and its easier to see what's going on if you can see the actual mouse location. Also could you change the overlay that says mirror client x64 and FPS so its either off by default or change the buttons to hide it on Mac OS. When using OSbot on my MacBook you cant hide it cos the F keys are all brightness, volume ETC and you cant use Shift, FN and F5 to hide. I guess cos it picks up the FN key it doesn'
  10. This script is perfect. Takes a while to create a profile but once you have done this once you can save it for future use and quickly edit things when you unlock something new. Could you please add support for the tool leprechaun thou? It's not a huge issue but would be better if you could maybe add a check box on the general tab before starting the script to get tools from him instead of bank?
  11. Script got stick in the abbys trying to click on the nature rift with the camera in the wrong position. Please add something that if it miss clicks it will move the camera and try again rather it just stand there constantly failing for hours. edit: Just done it again Edit 2: And again. Gonna have to stop using it until it fixed and this is going to get me banned.
  12. Also why does it use the dual ring to teleport to a bank to withdraw a camalot teleport to teleport there? Gotta give credit where its due thou. I switched to Trident instead and this script destorys zulrah. Please add support for unlocked prayers. Like Rigour, it seems to only use the standard prayers when the better ones are available.
  13. ZeVo

    Stealth Quester

    Bug found. I was running Rune mystery's on HC im. It got to taking the notes to sedridor and it must have dropped the notes somewhere cos it was clicking on him without the notes. (Good bye account) I checked quest log and it says I had to take notes to him. edit: Found notes in the bank. It must have put them in there
  14. Can you please make the Abyss better cos currently its not very good. Its got a huge lack of teleport options. Supper only house and glory but unless your house has portals or something it just stands there. Also most people botting arnt going to spend there GP on construction lol. You should add support for world 330 and then it teleports outside of your house in rimmington then uses someone else's POH for the portals. Also could you add a ring of wealth GE teleport aswell as the GE is faster using the shortcut at the top then Edgeville. Also I have not tried but when it runs out of charged G
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