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  1. @KhaleesiCan I have a trial?>
  2. Does the bot log in when you dc? I've been dcing and the client just idles....

  3. Can I buy this script individually?
  4. Why is the pure so cheap?
  5. I didn't get the trial bro
  6. Bro, would you mind giving me a trial on the range guilding script? ty

  7. Am I blind? I don't see it on my scripts @Czar
  8. Can I have a trial tomorrow? Like 10 am GMT. I didn't get to use the one 2 months ago. I plan on trying to get a 24 hour proggy yolo
  9. This should be a max of 500m since it has that ban. You will never get anything higher than that ever. Even 500m is way too much
  10. Hey vlla, can I have a trial? I'm down to suicide bot @Czar
  11. I'm also doing this with a f2p acc and doing wc. However, I'm using a free script
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