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  1. Jin

    What happened to Laz, lmao..

    1. MK2 Dunx

      MK2 Dunx

      i'm curious aswell...

    2. Jin


      Well I found out from other people.

  2. Jin

    sup ladies

    thats my kitten name and its a she wot a funny coincidence syke that kitten is adorable but dangerous
  3. Jin

    sup ladies

    i played it both during those days but i got an attention span of a squirrel btw wot happened to laz
  4. Jin

    sup ladies

    so i wanna get a 99 before i disappear. never gotten in 11 years of rs. time 2 bot. just wanted to pop in and say hello ladies. tho it nice to see some familiar faces/names, stay frosty girls.
  5. Jin

    ur avatar still gives me a headache

  6. no its ronaldo vs bale
  7. its more like ronaldo vs bale
  8. Jin


    found out i got an exam tomro. so im revising
  9. Jin

    Eid Mubarak

    lmao i got a retake tomro. rip. can't do nothing but revise
  10. Jin

    Suh dood

    I need to pay off my student loan, give me £27,000 please
  11. bugatti veyron cus chicks
  12. Jin

    Hold up

    no mans sky fam is da bomb
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