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Pick-up lines yoo!

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Yo, yo, yo. Saw a topic a second ago, and I was likeee, let me make one with your best pick up lines.


One of my favourite ones I throw down on tinder, cause I got tinder to fuck around with people.


- Hey babe, I bet if you stepped on some scales it would tell me your phone number.


- When I was born I had two choices, to have a perfect memory of have a huge penis, unfortunately for you, I can't remember which one I chose.


- Hey girl, lemme start by saying you look great, Next I wanna point out the things I'm looking to do to you. I wanna cover you in skim milk and milk duds to the point you look like a wet Dalmatian. From there I'll take you to the zoo and let the polar bears have their gentle way with you but the milk dudes will surely give them the shits. We can have a slip slide orgy in the polar bear exhibit with the zoo keepers and make millions on pornhub. The most successful people are entrepreneurs, what do you say?

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