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  1. need a price estimate from somebody.
  2. as the title says, looking for around 30-32M.
  3. Volta

    Dem graphics in ur avatar looks like a grand theft auto character str8 outta grove street

    1. s0x


      cause it is fam

    2. Volta


      wut rly. who is that. is that a ralph lauren bucket hat??

    3. s0x


      yup, mods in samp these days, samp looks better than gta 5 nowadays.

  4. amd he says, ahahahahahahahah, AMD, AMD PROCESSOR, -AMD-.
  5. I got one with melee + range void, level 69, it's a dbower / gmauler. Still p2p for like a day or two, add me on my skype if you're interested, willing to sell this for pretty cheap. skype: fray1123
  6. Yeah I was suggesting a game, if nobody gets back at me I'll just buy some CS:GO keys and wait out the cooldown.
  7. I got £40 of steam wallet to waste. I am willing to buy some 07rsgp for some sort of gift of your choice for £40. Amount can be negotiated or suggested below in the comments, or just add me on skype.
  8. s0x

    48-72 Slayer.

    How much would 48-72 slayer cost me? Gear not provided. Current stats: Attack: 85. Strength: 80. Defence: 80 Range: 75 Prayer: 70 Mage: 65
  9. s0x

    Wyvern ACC

    Anyone got a wyvern acc for sale?
  10. Will create a fresh account for this, what am I wanting? 1-65+ strength. Mith gloves package, that includes ALL skills and pre-quests. Attack & defence to stay 1. Prayer to stay 1 (max 13).
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