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  1. I am looking for a 99 Hunter acc post your prices below. Not to concerned with other skills or reqs but will consider the accounts anyway. Will also consider accounts with a minor ban on their history.
  2. show what you have and what the price is in 07.
  3. Stats are posted wouldnt let me post the other pics i have due to size restriction but it has the mage DK pet, barrows gloves, hellcat, legends cape, fally fiary for shield done, 211 quests done including mm2, the favours at 100%, farm sceuteurs, 2 kbd heads and much more let me know roughly how much its worth.
  4. Looking to see how much 72-90 construction would cost post your price and discord below.
  5. I have a 81 range pure email would be set to yours 10m and it’s yours.
  6. ive got a max melee main with all stats 60+ 5 99s totals like 54 quests away from completion, dagganoth pet, barrows gloves, mm2, let me know if your interested.
  7. Check my feedback and message me if your interested ill beat your best offer gauranteed.
  8. I have a main with barrows gloves 99 att, str, def, hp, and cooking. 91 crafting. One of the dag king pets. All stats 60+ except rc which is 56. Like 50 qp from max quests.
  9. xxDFLxx

    20-80 Hunter

    Let me know your prices below title says what is needed.
  10. I got 1 account with 81 range 1 def 1 pray
  11. Do you guys just not do price checks no more like I’m not asking you to buy the account just give me a price check y’all be wildin
  12. I am the original owner it’s 99s are HP, Att, Str, Def, and cooking. All stats 60+ most 70+ And 89 crafting. 1775 total level. Completed 100/154 quests 201 QP. Has a dk pet the mage one. Has the fally shield for mole. MM2 is done.
  13. I’m looking for an account that can mine rune ore or a high level fishing account let me know what you have and how much for the account. Looking to probably just pay in osrs gp.
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