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APA Sand Crabs


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Have recently been working on a camping system. This allows you to select a position along the coast and the script will 'AFK' in this position, much like a human would, refreshing when required. This setting will still have full banking, food, potion and special attack systems in place!


Here's a quick pic showing the camp mode in effect:


gPsJIo4.png asvbDqW.png


Should have these changes finished within the next day or two. Hopefully they will be ready before release!



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Is there any chance previous Rock Crabs customers can have access to this bot??? Kinda wishful thinking but i remember seeing a scripter saying he'd do that for his Sand Crab bot.  Either way, great bots.


I don't think another scripter would say that!

There's no way I can give this bot out to existing customers as the store system / auth system wouldn't be capable of doing that. That being said, I can potentially offer extended auths (potentially 3-4 days) to existing rock crab users. But for the small 4,99 that would be spent on this bot, I can assure you every penny is worth it :)

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