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What's the most profitable in P2P atm?

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Kebab buyer as far as I know..

Nah but for real.. Do you seriously think someone is going to give you a good method for free? :s

Lmao i'm not expecting to get to know a new tip. I just want to hear what other people do, etc doing planks would be nice now when I think about it.

Do you really think I expect to get to know a unknown money making method? :)

cannonballs most likely

Ah yeah, that's true!

Thank you for the tip. :) Cheers!

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Weekends are worse than weekdays now. I read something on the RS forums posted by a J-Mod. They have new mods just to ban bots on the weekends. And I think the mods are doubled on the weekend.

Holy shit, didn't know it was that bad. It don't think they have night shifts although, I hope =D Hahaha
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