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  1. NoCC


    6-8Mill each is what they usually go for
  2. Stay those stats and make another acc for piety pure, easy quests and afk nmz
  3. Can do for 35M Discord Novc#1530
  4. Can do for 15M Discord Novc#1530
  5. CB lvl? What quests did you do this far? Novc#1530
  6. NoCC

    Thieving req

    Hi! Can do 25 GP/XP I think u got my discord
  7. Hi! Can do this for 50M Novc#1530
  8. Hi! Can Alch and Sand crabs for 25GP/XP Novc#1530
  9. Can help you! Discord Novc#1530
  10. I could also add that for me as swedish I have to go into my bank and allow internet payments if I want to buy anything with paypal/card.
  11. Been awhile since I bought a script but IIRC it does take awhile. @Naked
  12. Look up eduardo on here. follow what he does.
  13. Hi! Willing to hear your requests out. HMU in discord Novc#1530
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