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  1. his english is bad he wants me to speak to a mod about it because he didnt scam anyone, but trying to get the info out of him is difficult lol
  2. can you all leave psiak alone please, he is my friend thank you all
  3. https://osbot.org/forum/profile/96870-kankersletje/ this guy has left me a feedback claiming i sold him a 99mage 10hp account and recovered it two months later. 1) i do not have a recollection trading him - i cant see where i've left him feedback for the trade when i would have 2) he has never contacted me asking for help to recover the account 3) i'd like him to provide evidence of the trade so i can look to see which account was sold, and help recover it for him he hasn't even posted a dispute/messaged me even now, just randomly left me a negative feedback? i dont check this forum often, however i will check it periodically until this is resolved; thanks!
  4. using a referral for coinbase gives you a bonus 10$ when buying over 100$ worth, so its always worth signing up with a link than no link at all coinbase is the easiest site to buy bitcoin direct from debit card, for future reference it is worth using bitcoin to get better rates for runescape gold. I dont accept paypal, only bitcoin or UK Bank Transfer, was only trying to help you out.
  5. if you have bitcoins add live:dieze-sythe you can buy bitcoins via debit card here - https://www.coinbase.com/join/56ef0a10ad276f613500051f
  6. have bitcoin? if so add my skype live:dieze-sythe
  7. Currently looking for several accounts built - right now they'll all be the same build i just need a few of them making I'll provide you with the login details (and perhaps membership - we can discuss this) and you'll be reimbursed for suppliers after which we'll agree on. You'll need to: Complete tutorial island Obtain 13 Magic Obtain 10 Fletching then Complete following quests Cook's Assistant Dorics Quest Goblin Diplomacy The Restless Ghost Romeo & Juliet Witch's House Waterfall Quest Fight Arena Tree Gnome Village Priest in Peril Sheep Herder Merlin's Crystal Holy Grail Knights Sword Tourist Trap Dragon Slayer I would like 5-10 of these completeing, please post below, PM or Sype me how many you can do, and how much per account you would need. Can pay in 07 GP, Paypal, Bitcoin or UKBT. Thanks
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