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Help me?

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If you dont get any good responses here you should post on reddit


Try to figure out whats wrong by talking via her siblings if she doesnt want to talk with you. Dont do anything rash, you mentioned she has been hitting up other men if you have proof of this interaction save it and keep it somewhere safe. If things get worse you are going to need it. For the time being try to work something out between you two for your son.

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bro. sorry about everything that happened to you. but is better if u wake up from ur nightmare and go talk to a lawyer for advise because if u don't do anything you can finish losing ur son... and talk to a professional too because if u are in depression that is no good for u or for ur son.


also sorry about what am gonna tell you but the way u describe her that sound more like if she alrdy sleep with somebody else >.> don't get me wrong but wake up bro... take care of ur son.because no fking way she hitting with others guys in the media... btw did u try to talk with any of her brother/sister or any familiar related? try to work something out >.>

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Man, Im sorry for you. I cant really speak anything about relationships because I never was in one. But just dont start doing anything irrational. I see you are starting to put yourself down like its your fault, but it isnt.

  Villus: I cant really speak anything about relationships because I never was in one.


lmao sorry jus had 2 doge.png

P.S @ @Malii as people have suggested above, try to keep it together and don't do stuff that you'll regret. Seek help!

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Take custody of your son ASAP.

if you live in the state's check if your state has an anti-adultery and contact a lawyer.

freeze all assets that you've given her and everything that you bought her under your name cancel. Check your credit, check if you're ruined financially.

bottom line is consult an lawyer and see what else she has done behind your back.


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Thanks. When I'm done having break downs every twenty fucking minutes I'll start seeing how I can get a lawyer. Not the richest guy in the world, and I've never had a lawyer before so off of what I've seen they're expensive. :/


there are public lawyers that can help you out I believe is free or maybe you gotta pay a small fee with is around $20-$40 but this is only for the advise. I not sure what would u need to fight ur son back in court. because from what I know she shouldn't have took ur son without telling you anything. 

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