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Put forum as private so you need to register to view forum contents


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Yeah lets kill the market on osbot lol.


How much traffic do you think osbot generates from guests viewing its market and banners etc?



I can tell you no gold site owner on this site would like any part of this suggestion :l.


No support.


OSBot is like the 4th top viewed botting site and it's an already established site that's been here for a while. I don't think it'll kill the market in terms of traffic. And if it did based on weekly/monthly traffic reports, we could always reverse the decision.

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I don't really see the point, it makes offsite scam reports harder to work with, it is a malicious way at gaining members and it really isn't an effective safeguard of your privacy - anything that you post here is done so with the knowledge that anyone on the internet can see it, LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE ON THE INTERNET.


Thinking that osbot is a private and secluded community is just stupid

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