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Hello all!

I recently found this website and the client for OldSchool botting. 

A little background of my runescape experience:

I've been playing Runescape on and off since 2004. I have an account that was created in 06, so it almost has the 10 year cape. My original account was banned for botting (Was around lv 76 cbt at the time) back in 2006. 

Around 2009 is when I started getting into botting heavily while using other popular botting clients. 

I botted on my then main a little bit, but never received a warning or a ban. I still have that account today. 

I don't have much time to play runescape anymore because of school and work, so botting helps a lot. 

I started botting using this client yesterday and already have 50+ wc, 20+ atk, 20+ str, and am currently working to train my mining. I'm not using my main for this, just some old noob accounts I had laying around. 

I'm glad that the botting community has come back after the "Bot Nuke". I look forward to being more active in this community and in botting on OSRS. 


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