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I was thinking around this summer on July 22-24 in Belgium if anyone wanted to join me. I was planning on going to Tomorrowland for the solo experience and meet new and wonderful people, y'know? Would anyone be interested in this by any chance?


If you are interested in coming feel free to drop a post/pm and follow these couple of rules.




Rule #1: Don't talk about anything OSBot/Runescape related. I'm here at this amazing event to get to know you as a person and to have a great time, not to remind me about gold farming and bots.


Rule #2: Please shower before you go to these types of events and USE DEODORANT!!. You will get sweaty and you will stink the fuck up.


Rule #3: Don't be squeamish to drugs cus mostly everyone there will be on something, I guarantee that. I will respect your decision if you decide not to partake in anything and won't peer pressure you to do something you aren't comfortable with. That being said, I will most likely be partaking in these activities as well so don't be a debbie downer and tell me all the health issues about taking these substances. Bitch I know it ain't good for my body, I just wanna have some fun.


Rule #4: The last and most important rule.... HAVE FUN! This is a huge event with multiple groups of ethnicity and cultures coming together for one great, fantastic event that happens once a year. Enjoy yourself! It'll be a three day event so don't be afraid to go off on your own to do your own thing because you feel obligated to stay within "one group." Just relax and have fun, we will all meet up at the end of the day in tents anyways.


p.s. 18+ only, sorry lads. tomorrowland rules not mine.


If you are still interested after reading this, lets party up!


edit: be expected to dance and/or shuffle. cus there will be lots of it and i will most likely force you to join in. so start learning!

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You can't deny someone a subject, maybe for yourself, but I guarantee if you have a meetup with a bunch of runescape botters no matter the occasion runescape talk is inevitable. People enjoy Runescape, why would you try to deny them that? 


I'd much rather have @deceiver talk to me about runescape then talk to me about his shitty memes.

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Been to TML in 2013, been trying to get tickets every years since then but somehow can't manage to get past the waiting list so it won't be possible to meetup. Getting a hold of tickets becomes harder every year.  I think TML would be great as a solo experience, the atmosphere is unlike any other festival I've ever been to, so I'm sure you'll meet a ton of awesome people there.

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