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Requesting a new staff Position


Qubit Minority Representative  

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  1. 1. Should Qubit hold a new Minority Representative Position

    • Yes
    • Im a racist - No

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With all the racism in the world today. It's gotten so bad i've come to a conclusion. I think osbot needs to adjust their staff positions. A new position I would like to see is Minority Representative in a new sector of HR. I think i fit in and can do cool shit. Like yell at people for being the self born racist, non checked privilege, savages they are. I think it will also bring diversity to the staff members. I don't know any minority in staff thus this community is systematically racist. Add me and we'll be all good. I'd also like one of the tag things that other people get for different ranks. But mines gotta be special and cooler than everyone else's.  So don't be a racist and click yes


Ps. next week i will propose a safe space area on the forums



Minority Rep in Human Resources 

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