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100 hour fishing proggie 24/7 no breaks


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Looks like I need format the TTL some better ... xD

2562047788015 hours is bit too much (292 mill years) to get lvl from 33-34 strenght QwPha8E.png

haha too funny, gotta love that lil miss click attack


not at 0 exp per hour heh. 


@op also, isn't that 60h not 100h? xd 



pretty sure this topic is under goals? 


damn nice haha, what script?

thanks, khal fisher


How did you notice that?

haha, just dont know about people anymore


I think that's his goal. tongue.png



is this khals script?



Wow Epic!! Goodluck with finishing the 100 hours!

thanks! I cant wait


Nice, goodluck ohmy.png


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