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Is it possible to drop inventory or items really fast?


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i dont care if it looks bot like. Maybe like ahk where the mouse jumps to positions?


If you don't want to risk your account for a ban then use MouseKeys. Jagex team has said that this is allowed in the game, and most people actually make use of this, myself being one of them. I don't really suggest others as then they can get you banned, and it's against the rules. 

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You can send key events directly to the client in order to have the mouse click at specific coordinates (and jump there).



ClientMouseEventHandler meh = getBot().getMouseEventHandler();
meh.generateBotMouseEvent(eventID, timeOfEvent, modifiers, x, y, clickCount, popupTrigger, buttonId, botEvent);

The class uses AWT events, so you can poke around the oracle AWT docs for more info on IDs and such.

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