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  1. Like the title says 07 GP 2$/1m Paypal Skype: zakum.osbot
  2. Welcome back Draven. To the fields of justice
  3. Buying 07 GP $1.9 / 1m SKYPE: ZAKUM.OSBOT
  4. Zakum

    pc this plz

    I would say 10-15m.
  5. Zakum


    The og is about to be gone. R.I.P
  6. /ACCEPTED. You will now be working with Zakum's AIO Service as the Quester/Powerleveler.
  7. I'd say rc is the fastest
  8. I can do this if you are still searching Skype: zakum.osbot
  9. I can do this Skype: zakum.osbot
  10. Thanks for this, will edit the T.O.S
  11. Introduction: I have been in the runescape business for nearly 6 years now. With more orders coming in, means more work to be done. Therefore, I am now searching for Powerlevelers / Questers / Minigame - Workers. T.O.S - You must complete the job once you have accepted it. Failure to finish the job will result in a punishment decided by me. - You must pay a 15m 07 / 30$ deposit FEE before joining the squad. To ensure safety for our customers, there must be a deposit fee. This deposit will be returned when you decide to leave the job. If you scam, break any rules, or become inactive without warning your deposit will be kept. - You will be kicked off the team / deposit will be kept if you become inactive without any warning. I am aware that you have a life too, but I am looking for active and dedicated workers. If you are on vacation or going to be inactive for a certain amount of time, let me know before you become inactive. - If you scam, you will be removed from the team and a dispute will be made against you. Your initial deposit will be kept in aid of repaying for the lost items/money. Application: Did you add me on skype?: Do you agree to pay the deposit fee?: What Position are you applying for?: Timezone:
  12. I like the simplistic look to the thread layout. Good luck on your service!
  13. Congratz. I plan on getting lifetime soon.
  14. Will sell this account now for 15m 07
  15. inb4 duel arena, clean.
  16. Zakum


    Paypal is the easiest to accept payments and it is all the most common payment method in the market.
  17. Holy crap that is a lot of beer
  18. The O'Mighty Zakum has been defeated. I have failed this Challenge. Good luck to future challengers. R.I.P
  19. I'll take on this challenge.
  20. I have a couple knives. If you are interested PM me
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