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[SPONSOR] LeBron's Questing Service

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Terms of Service

1) You must have all skills required.

2) No refunds are given if you decide to cancel the order once I have started.

3) You must have ALL of the items required along with food, weapons and potions.

4)The service must be paid in full and upfront or we can use an OMM (potential fees on you).

5) I am not responsible for any infractions on your account that may occur during the service.

6) You must must use a temporary password while the service is being done and change it within 12h of completion.

7) I recommend moving any wealth that you have on the account to a different one or protect it with a bank pin while the service is being done.

8) If any account details are changed or you log onto the account while the service is being done (without my permission) the order will be cancelled immediately without a refund.

9) By agreeing to the terms above you allow me and any of my potential workers to have access to your account while the service is being done. 

10) If you break the ToS the order will be cancelled with no refund.


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Updated ToS
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