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  1. 4 hours over 2-3 days, a couple of hours each evening.
  2. 2 day ban after 4 hours of abyss nats on a high level account with no offence history. Jagex are really on their A Game these days! No idea how people avoid bans these days. oh well!
  3. What's the ETA for ZMI? Thanks!
  4. happy to pay 6m, ideally want some non combat stats too
  5. 1st is too expensive 2nd I wouldn't bid over 40m, sorry. You probably want too much for that zerker than I'm looking to pay not sure wouldn't offer loadsss.. any offence history? gotta name a price mate
  6. Looking to buy several accounts, can pay with paypal, 07 gp, BTC, whatever you like. I will only buy from people with a reasonable reputation, if you are a new user and are not trusted on other sites please don't contact me. Post/PM/Skype what you have and I may make an offer. - Nothing over 50M/$ - Preferably no botting offence history - Ideally some combat stats Skype: Swindleboss Thanks
  7. So far I'm reasonably impressed. Seems to be doing the kill reasonably efficiently. However it currently is not using potions, both prayer and antivenom+. Not sure why that is. Also couldn't get it to start at catherby bank, had to start on docks with pre-prepared inv and setup. EDIT: also, please add fairy ring method for transport. for example I have quest cape which is the fastest way I believe (QC tele -> fairy ring). docks are a bit slow. EDIT2: After the first kill, it tele'd to camelot, and didn't bank, just ran straight to the docks for another kill. EDIT3: Tbh if you want to add me on Skype or anything like that, I'm happy to help with the testing
  8. Hey, I'd like a trial please.
  9. Quick sale please Paypal preferred, my skype is 'swindlemate' Thanks
  10. 17m sold to epsi, 83m left. $1.7/m no offers please. On skype now
  11. 100M 07 for sale. Paypal preferred. Highly trusted users only. $1.7/mil Skype - swindlemate
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