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Sub-Goal - Botting for Sponsor

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Botting for Sponsor

The ultimate sub-goal



Hi there! My name is VAG and I have currently a goal of 1,000 euros from botting. Decided to make this sub-goal for it - Goal to bot enough GP and sell it to buy Sponsor rank. This will be done with 1-3 accounts running on mirror-mode. Current accounts running 1/3.


I really do enjoy the community so I bought a VIP to support this awesome community - Why won't I just buy a sponsor then with my incomes? Well, answer is simple and easy to understand for those who doesn't have mom washing their clothes, doing the dishes or cleaning up the house.. I am a student. I live with approximately 1.100 euros / month, so there is pretty much no extra money for me - parties are an exception. 350 down the throat last night..


Current Progs

Accounts Running: 1 out of 3

Accounts Banned: 0 out of 3

Gold made: 5.50M

Income per hour: 136,000gp


Gold sold: 5.00M










Striving to update daily - Once I hit around 10m wealth will start running 3 accounts on 3 VPS

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