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  1. long term user of this script just want to say thanks, no bans or no problems so far!
  2. must sell all at once, pm my discord Stacks N Decks#3461
  3. Looking to buy 15 level 3's tutorial island completed. They can be done however i dont really care. pm me on forums
  4. http://imgur.com/NLviRmV @Shudsy had a glory ammy 2 so that isnt the problem
  5. it happened again but I'll try to get a screenshot when it happens again, the amulet it died with and ran to edge was a glory amulet (3) again so it might have to do with that idk
  6. a little bug, idk why but I died on a bot and instead of teleing to edge it walked back to edge and I think it tried to go to the path to go charge orbs when it didn't have any on it, the status was 'walking to orb' and I had a charged glory amulet (3)
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