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DreamScripts Bug Bounty Program — Report Bugs, Get Cash!

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Behind the scenes DreamScripts has been working hard to make sure our scripts are in tip top shape, and now we're going to put our money where our mouth is. We are starting a bug bounty program in which we will pay you money for reporting script bugs. We are doing this because we believe our customers deserve the best product possible and we are confident in our products. Initially, we will roll out this program only supporting a couple of our scripts, but as time progresses we will add our entire suite of scripts to this bug bounty program.



Only bugs caused by faulty script logic will be given rewards in the form of cash, in order to qualify for a reward you must follow the rules found below:

  1. The bug must be new, it cannot have been reported yet.
  2. The bug must be meaningfully different from other bugs already reported.
  3. The bug must not be the fault of OSBot API.
  4. The bug must not be caused by OSBot API changes.
  5. The bug must be reproducible by DreamScripts.
  6. The bug must not have been already discovered or known about by DreamScripts
  7. The bug must be sent to @Eliot AND @Ericthecmh via private message.
  8. The bug must exactly follow the template below.


Name of script:

Version of script:

Version of OSBot:

Mirror client (yes/no):

Location of bug:

Description of bug (when does it happen, what happens):

Screenshot (if applicable):




Rewards will be given based on the severity of the bug, if the bug does not meet the above guidelines you will be given no reward. The cash prizes will be between $1-$25 USD payed by PayPal only. DreamScripts will be the only deciding party in determining the reward for your bug. 


Scripts Included:

Only bugs found in the following scripts will be given rewards at this time, more coming soon!

  • DreamChopper
  • DreamFisher
  • DreamFighter
  • DreamMiner

Bugs Rewarded: 1

Bug Hunters Rewarded:

Happy hunting!


Additional Terms:

DreamScripts reserves the right to end this program at any time for any or no reason at all. DreamScripts will be the only party involved in evaluating bugs and assigning cash rewards. Rewards will be paid within 5 business days of receiving the report. Rewards will only be issued for bugs that follow the guidelines.

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