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  1. tel maldesto to check his account, gf 120m :P Have a great day PS maldesto good luck with your house i saw you where selling it, and you where trying to buy a new one/ did buy one, regardless cya
  2. 72$ ill pay fees [5:21:58 PM] 010 - Osbot: Yup [5:22:13 PM] 010 - Osbot: PM me on osbot with your Skype and part of this convo please [5:22:24 PM] 010 - Osbot: http://osbot.org/forum/user/141648-010/ [5:22:28 PM] 010 - Osbot: Can we do increments? [5:22:30 PM] 010 - Osbot: 2x 20M?
  3. ill buy all for 1.75/m
  4. nick.osbot, ill buy all 1.8/m
  5. Nicholas

    99b hacked?

    lol i thought the sae till i realized i had AHK on... if you have that check it. if not look at all your emails. and sometimes there is a delay and somtimes it will auto go to your junk folder. try submitting it again
  6. Skype is nick.osbot. Skype me and I will message you when I'm online to meet up for the payment 8.8m no more no less
  7. 1/7th of 15 is 12.8. I had to buy a bond and armor and some more supplies out of my own pocket ~3m. I left 1m+ in drops on the account, 4M 12.8-4 = 8.8m I will pay him 8.8m on the dot. If I paid him 12m he would've profited 1m off of this service
  8. I had to buy;Armor =barrows (X1 repair) Weapon = whip Prayer pots A bond Super Str ATT def potions Food. Other potions Misc. +1m in drops and alchibles left on account
  9. Forgot to mention he refused to supply the account with money for supplies and made me pay for tee armor. I spent like 3ish mil out of pocket from my pay. So in actuality I got 12ish mil, and he made me take the supply money and pay for bonds.
  10. I would've logged more than 2 hours today but my dipshit dad basically made me waste 8 hours to drive back and forth and back and forth between his house and my moms (2 hours each way). Again yes I was slow. But remember slayer is hands down the slowest Xp next to runecrafting and maybe mining. I'm not saying it's not achievable within that time. But life comes first. I'm sorry, but I could get your slayer up during my time in Texas. And if I finish before I leave I will do extra stuff to make up for the inconvenience. Now remember also I charged a stupid low price for it. And I would abide by that price if you wish to continue using me to complete it
  11. I will refund the % of the work that has not been completed. Like I started multiple times, I have a life, school (very little but 2h a day) football, (4 hours daily) and a girlfriend to attend too. 1-72 slayer (700k Xp) (I have completed 125k roughly) is practically not achievable in the time line I set for myself and nightmare it would take roughly 10-16 hours a day to complete it in which I was only able to get 12h/10h three times daily. I leave for my vacation in 1 hour, but I can log on at nights and do what I can if that offer is still on the table for that. So there is no harm or loss and we move on. Now if you want me to refund you, I will refund you in full Via PayPal, when I get back from vacation.
  12. hey what arrows do you need? are you progressing? if so/ not pm me/skype me ill make them for you skype = Nick.osbot
  13. I have GTA V & Deadlight (both for PS4)
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